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Billtron for Retail Shop

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Billtron Retail

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. Customers have more choices and purchasing channels than ever before and when they interact with a retailer they want you to know who they are and what they want.  To be competitive in today's demanding multi-channel retail environment, retailers need their retail management systems integrated to deliver enhanced customer service across channels while driving growth and increased revenue.

We understand these needs and deliver a window based; multi-channel retail management system that brings together POS, Sales, Purchase, Accounts and warehouse management into a single centrally managed solution.

Our retail management software and solution is an end-to-end suite designed especially for multi-channel retailers. Linking every step of your multi-channel retail enterprise gives you real-time visibility into your entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Billtron Retail is the most comprehensive on-demand solution for retail businesses, providing:

BILLTRON Retail beyond the Register

Our retail management software and solutions are the answer for any size of store or enterprise from a small retail chain to a nation-wide multi-channel retailer. At store level, the retail software can be tailored to fulfill your individual POS needs. At corporate, our on-demand retail management systems from centralizes real-time information from across your entire retail chain or multi-channel retail enterprise.  

Billtron Retail Software Designed for You

We take pride in delivering a retail management system and multi-channel retail software that increase business productivity for our clients. We’re a proven solution provider, with 4 years in the retail industry and thousands of retail software POS installations.  We provide retail executives with efficient retail management systems designed to streamline everyday operations and cut overall costs. We offer a retail software solution that will make managing stores, inventory, and customers fast and easy. Each POS retail store system is tailored to suit our client's unique business needs. We also offer training and support along the way to ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of our retail management software to leverage the power behind our retail management systems to their fullest potential.

Retail POS Software

Delivering a superior customer experience at the point of sale is crucial for turning today’s shopper into tomorrow’s loyal customer.  With power and flexibility built in at every step of our retail pos software and management systems, Billtron Retails POS empowers retailers and their associates with the tools and information they need to help increase efficiencies and provide customers the exceptional service they deserve. 

Full-Featured Retail POS Software

Our retail point of sale software delivers a comprehensive transaction set and customer focused functionality.  Our retail POS software offers extensive item search capabilities and real-time access to inventory information throughout your retail chain, to help drive sales while satisfying the customer. Built in CRM functionality in our retail POS system captures important customer information such as buying preference and purchase history, which enables future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for multi-channel retailing.


Every retailer is different.  Our POS retail software is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual retail requirements.  With functionality specific to your unique needs and our intuitive user interface, you’ll have easy-to-use retail POS systems requiring less training time for employees, while ensuring a quick and accurate checkout process for your customers. 

Robust and Protected

Our POS retail software is based on Microsoft SQL and .NET technologies. Our technology platform guarantees retailers a reliable, proven, and best-of-breed architecture that allows for choice, scalability, ease of integration to third party solutions and a high ROI.

Billtron Retail Point of Sale Capabilities

Proven technology and interactive features within our retail POS systems engage customers and increase your sales.

Billtron Retail Point of Sale Features



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